Our Services


Acsan has only one job: setting-up companies on customer territories. This specialization is rooted in the DNA of Acsan and allows us today to bring to the territories many high quality leads. Today, Acsan offers a set of complementary services 100% tailored to your needs. From the detection of investment leads to reindustrialization assignments of industrial sites, we accompany you from A to Z in your economic development strategy.


Studies & screening M&A

Our international network, our tools of economic intelligence and targeting, are necessary and efficient in the realization of market research and / or identification of acquisition targets for companies wishing to know their market better or strengthen their position

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Strategic approach to trade-shows

We are very experienced and skilled at finding organizations and leads suited to your goals. We work strategically at trade fairs and make most appointments ahead of the event

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Setting-up companies

Thanks to a precise and refined lead generation, many quality projects will be proposed to your structure, with real ambitions of setting-up of the companies.

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Whether for active sites or to reconfigure, we will study the potential of your site to find the best opportunities for the future and seek a recovery solution using proven methodology.

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Funding support

Our knowledge of public sectors allows us to support our private and public clients in the identification of public funds to finance job creation projects

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Lead generation

For 20 years, we have been combining a digital and human approach to identify business development projects in our clients' territories or sites.

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