In the business for 15 years

A known and trusted brand

Pierre Seger, the Director and Founder of ACSAN started working in economic development and inward investment in the 1990s.

From his contribution to the regeneration of the old coal mining areas in the east of France, via his lead generation work in Spain, through to his work for Usinor in the steel areas of Florange and Longwy, Pierre always worked in collaboration with the State and local authorities. He was also actively involved with some of the key investment projects of the time, such as General Electric and Daewoo.

In 1994 Pierre was sent to Nîmes in the South of France to work on the regeneration of the Perrier site which had just been sold to Nestlé. Whilst happy that the mission was successfully completed, representing 900 jobs for the region, Pierre also became aware of a certain gap in the market, which would ultimately become the raison d’être of the soon to-be-formed ACSAN.

And the rest, as they say, is history …

Barcelona was just the start, as ACSAN then continued to open two other offices in Frankfurt and Milan, allowing them to cover all the main neighbouring markets to their native France.

Since that time, ACSAN has gone from strength to strength and today has more than 100 development agencies as client references, mostly in Europe, but also in North America, Africa and Australia.

Over the past 15 years, ACSAN have detected approximately 5000 inward investment projects and facilitated the setting up of more than 300 operations.