Who we are

A Recognized Expertise

Founded in 1999 by Mr. Pierre Seger, ACSAN is a well-known player in France and internationally on economic development consulting, investment project detection and setting-up companies.


ACSAN was created on the observation that there was a lack in economic development strategy for the territories. They have, in fact, structures to manage the promotion of the territory and host investment projects. However, they do not always have the means to project themselves outside and to approach companies likely to have development leads that can set up their territory.

For 20 years, ACSAN's teams have been providing tailor-made lead generation services to French and foreign communities.


About 5 000 leads generated and managed in 15 years

Thanks to the know-how of its teams, and the presence of offices in Italy, Spain and Germany, ACSAN has supported more than 5 000 leads for territories spread over all continents.
Since 2017, ACSAN has entered a new stage of its development following its integration in the Axtom group. This dynamic is reflected by the continued international development of the firm with the opening of an office in Great Britain (based in London) and the enrichment of our lead generation methods.


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