How we work

Our consultants use a range of different lead generation methods and we adapt our work to each individual location, seeking to align our approach with each location’s existing economic development strategy.


Research of key contacts thanks to ACSAN’s in-house database tracking over 20,000 contacts and digital marketing via professional social networks such as LinkedIn, Viadeo and Xing.

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Pre-qualified meetings with company decision-makers organised at key trade shows all across Europe.

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A permanent press watch across all economic and professional digital media allows us to detect companies in growth mode and to contact them at just the right moment on behalf of our clients.

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We work our economic intelligence activity across all digital channels, but also still perform a traditional press watch, which is often complementary and more expansive than that which is simply available online.

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The ACSAN Network

ACSAN manages a database of more than 2000 intermediaries across Europe, who are in contact with companies in growth mode. We speak on a regular basis to this network on behalf of our clients.

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Ultimately we are in constant contact with decision makers in companies across Europe and we use a variety of means to contact them: bespoke mailings, emailings and direct telephone calls.

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